Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long Live Prince Caspian

Well, bravo to Adamson and all the folks who brought Prince Caspian to the screen. They did it again. They borught it all in full force and then some. From the moment the movie began, and I do mean the moment, I knew it would be wonderful. To include the event they chose as the opening is nothing short of genius. From there they continued to dole out the "walking and talking" information with inventive bridges without losing a drop of Lewis' adventure. As with LWW, the additions were not only welcome, but shining examples what could have been. Aslan tells us we can never know what could have been...but in this one case he is wrong. Andrew Adamson, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely knew exactly what could have been, even what should have been. And they delivered it. Bravo. In case you couldn't tell, I loved it. Bring on the Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

We also had an unexpected treat. Dragonfly brought a mystery guest to dinner, Jasbo, a friend of ours from Knox. He also joined us for the movie. All in all, a great evening.

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Moira Lewelyn said...

(yes, I'm back, and I'm browsing through your earliest articles ^^)

I have mixed feelings about this movie. The Narnia series were a great part of my childhood, I know most of them by heart (except the Horse and His Boy, which I find dreadfully boring) and I'm extremely picky when it come to people toying with them.

For one, Caspian is supposed to be 13, and blonde. Secondly, Susan falls in love with him??! She's supposed to forget all about Narnia, he's supposed to get engaged in the next book!! How are they going to make this work?
And the thing which annoyed me most: Caspian's hair (bad wig) and his accent. Why did they make him put on a fake accent?
Oh and the fact that Lucy and Aslan are like, absent from the whole movie (I know that the whole "recruiting the army" bit was waaaay to religious for the audience, but still)
Plus I really didn't like the opening scene, ew.

I did like, however, the way Edmund's character evolved, and the rivalry between Peter and Caspian, and the battle scene which was epic, and Reepecheep, and the last scene with Regina Spektor's song...

Ok, I'll stop my ranting on this post and move on to another ^^