Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Inspiration...?

Just thought I'd show you something my Grandad (on my father's side) let me have. As you can see, it's an oversized pencil. I believe he had it for quite some time before I found it on a visit as a child, which makes it an antique on some level. Perhaps it instilled in me the gumption to put things to paper, eh? I'm sure I must have actually written with it, though I do not remember any particular instance. Right now it's a fixture on the bookcase next to my computer desk. The bookcase harbors data CDs and DVDs more so than books. The books and magazines that are there have to do with writing. But I digress. The big pencil rests next to a chunk of brick from Old Main, the iconic building of Knox College and the center of the English Department. Some remodeling took place during my senior year and pieces of otherwise unwanted brick became strewn about near the reconstruction. So I just had to procure a bit of Knox upon graduation. I suppose it does serve as inspiration to keep going. Obviously it inspired my drawing on the left.

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