Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Would Wendy Say?

Last night I decided to treat myself like a child.

Let me explain.

After having had such a wonderful weekend, I could finally return to the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series. BUT - I wouldn’t let myself. Nope... not until I took care of some stuff first. You see, a few things around my place were really bothering me...or to be more accurate, the fact that I still had not done certain things around my place such as putting away the clean laundry (in which case it cluttered up part of the living area) really bothered me.

So I decided I would not be allowed to read Scott Pilgrim until I took care of it. And I really wanted to read Scott Pilgrim! Hence, I treated myself like a child. It worked. After accomplishing putting away the clothes and even a few other small tasks that I’d been negligent on, I enjoyed Volume 2 of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s world.

I’ll have to try this more often... if I can pretend that Wendy won’t let me have the adventure I want until some chore is done, I might actually wind up not hating myself for being lazy when it comes to them.

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