Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Are you ready for more
Pippi Longstocking?

Ready or not, here it comes.... a Pippi re-do. I wouldn’t call this one a “remake.”  For it’s not like it hasn’t had a few go’s at it before. Sure, it’s being “remade” but it’s more of a new adaptation.  It seems to me that if a story has had more than one incarnation on screen it no longer qualifies as a flat-out "remake."  Assuming we may split (red) hairs.

At first a new production of this received an eye roll, but then I thought further and read the rationale behind it.

It seems director Debra Granik wants to bring a good “coming of age” heroine story to the screen. In a sea of great flicks involving boys as the ones who get all the good adventures... why not make one for little ladies while at the same time honoring this wonderfully wacky character of Astrid Lindgren? Disenchanted with the sorts of scenarios and depictions of female role models, Granik thinks putting Pippi back in the limelight is just what’s needed.  I'm inclined to agree.

Another good reason for it is that today’s F/X can help bring the story to life. Not only will it be ‘easier’ to create and believably show her unbelievable “super strength” but it will help with smaller details, too. Such as when Pippi gets angry (a rare occurrence - perturbed, annoyed, sure... but angry?) she turns white around the nose. Easily accomplished via CGI, I’d imagine... and one extra detail of the book(s) faithfully captured.

I know Pippi had been one of Bart and his sister Lage's favorites as kid.  It's a little outlandish or ridiculous at times for me (as if flying boys and a magical island were not!) but I can and do appreciate Ms. Lindgren's creation.  It will be interesting to see if it makes as much a stir as much as the character's hair.

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