Monday, January 31, 2011

Unexpected Visit

Sorry for the unannounced absense.

Fate took some turns, which brought Laughter back to stay with us from last Wednesday night on through Sunday again.  How wonderful to be able to spend a lot more time with him.  Also, he'd then been able to attend one of our 'Thursday Nights' whereupon we always have friends (Banky, Clara, Buttercup and Josiecat & sometimes others) over.  It brings me such joy to have Banky and Laughter interact.  Forgive my child-like saying so, but they're both just so cool on their own, but bring them together and look out - fun!  Josiecat had the pleasure of meeting Laughter for the first time.  And Buttercup got to spend time with him outside of a parking lot at a concert (where they met before.)


Just wanted to point out that this post went up at 11:11.  What a neat "coincidence" considering that the number 11 actually came up many times durning Laughter's visit.  (And yes, partly in reference to Nigel Tufnel.)

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