Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laughter Weekend

Please pardon me from posting this weekend.
My best friend Laughter is coming in and staying with us.

On the agenda:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
I’m ecstatic to be the one to show it to him. He hasn’t seen it yet and I, as well as Banky and Clara, believe that it’s impossible for Laughter to not love this movie and know that he does/will in the very opening moments.

Jim Henson's Fantastic World
It’s the last weekend for this exhibit at The Museum of Science & Industry here in Chicago. Among the things that have stirred from creative juices which make Laughter happy, The Muppets just might top the list. Who doesn’t love Henson’s work and legacy?

Banana’s Foster
Yep. Laughter’s hooked on this cozy corner eatery as well.  We plan to cap off the fun with a scrumptious Sunday brunch before he leaves.

Carousing as usual.
‘Nuff said.

If time (and carousing) permits [as Bart and I have an opera at Lyric to go to on Saturday night, which already had to be rescheduled and this is only time Laughter can make it up to Chicago] I’m also hoping we can squeeze in another one of my favorite flicks of all time - Paprika.

It also means I'll not be able to get to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the second volume of the comic novel series for a little longer than the planned week.  Which is just as well, since I'll be seeing the movie yet again (and it can only serve to refresh my memory as to the parallels) and it will create an even longer "anticipation simulation." [An attempt to recreate the "waiting" endured by fans unable to have the whole series at one time.]

One thing I know for certain - when Laughter’s around, there’s plenty of just that.

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Danielle Mari said...

give him a hug from me!

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