Monday, January 24, 2011

Peter... is it you?

I just came across this statue and thought I'd share it.
It's in the United Kingdom, at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens (in Sheffield), to be exact.

The bronze statue, cast by Cashmore & Company of London, was deeded to Sheffield in 1934 by Sir Charles Clifford, former owner of The Sheffield Telegraph newspaper and founder of the Sir Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield. After the war years, Pan was placed in the Botanical Gardens, gracing the formal, Italianate-style Rose Garden developed in 1953 by the new managers, Sheffield City Council.*

Its official title is
Pan, Spirit of the Woods.
There's some debate, however, as to which Pan it depicts.
Is it Barrie's eternal boy?  Or simply the Greek god?
Many refer to it as Peter, but there's nothing specific to confirm that idea.
If you ask me, though, it is the boy who never grew up, since the character does not have the legs of a goat nor horns.

Nice statue indeed. 

 And I cannot help but wonder... is this Solomon Caw?  :)

* Quoted from this page.

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