Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Heard from the Neverland...

While listening to something reciting words from Peter and Wendy, you might say I'd been visited by a fairy.  By which I mean I'd been sprinkled with inspiration.  Oh, nothing major.  No, that's not sarcasm.  But a fun enough idea that I had to smile.  Using that particular passage, I'm going to add a bit to my interquel, Peter Pan: Bextwixt-and-Between.  It will be a wonderful enhancement toward the end of the book.  I plan to allude to Barrie's line without copying it, so as to preserve Barrie's novel being the first time it is heard.  Besides, reading through Barrie's text again I would not be able to have it be exactly the same event anyway.  So it won't even so much be a foreshadowing, as perhaps, to use a familial analogy, a 'cousin' to what Barrie wrote.  I also noticed a consistency with this same part in the storyline of Betwixt-and-Between but I cannot be sure if I may take credit for crafting it (as it might have come to me in a sprinkle like this inspiration.)

What is this mysterious passage?  I'll only tell you it's roughly in the middle of the story.  And that is the nearest you'll ever get to it.

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