Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Hope

I just want to go on record with something.

I’ve already expressed my appreciation for the incredible young talent Emily Bear. She’s been quite active since that last post. She’s even played at Carnegie Hall! She’s just been to Geneva, Switzerland for goodness’ sake! And this past holiday, Santa brought me her latest album, Hope. A soothing and wonderful treat, but of course.

Anyway, I’ve decided upon a certain dream scenario. Not just now - it’s been rattling around in my head for quite a long time, I’d venture even as far back as the post about her.

Should there ever come a time when a novel of mine will be adapted to the silver screen, it would be such an honor for me if Miss Emily Bear would compose the score. Or, if she is (understandably) not up to generating an entire soundtrack for a film... then my wish is that she creates the overall “theme song” to the story/film...and some other composer incorporates her song into the larger scope.

And who might that be? Oh, sure, I’ve got some favorite composers in mind. But for right now, I’ll just keep the focus on Miss Bear. She’s truly a marvel. And to have her notes as part of a tale of mine? (Happy Sigh) That would truly be a gift.  And so, until then, I shall hope...

*Picture at piano taken from her official Facebook page.  No infrigement intended.

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