Friday, October 23, 2009

PAN-dering to the New Stuff

Some Pan news, briefly.

Peter and the Sword of Mercy, the latest installment of the “Peter” series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is out. I do not condone it, for the entire series has numerous mistakes compared to Sir J.M. Barrie. How they can be so disrespectful of another author (especially one so revered by many) is beyond me. And before you tell me it’s only supposed to be prequels to the Disney version (as the publisher Hyperion is a subsidiary of Disney) they even manage to contradict that, too. I’ve posted this link before, but here’s a list of what’s wrong with the first three in the series as shown on Wikipedia: Differences from the Works of Barrie

Disney’s second movie starring Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, will be flying into stores soon. No, I’m not going to watch this one. For you see, I’m not a fan of Tink. Not even Barrie’s. However, I did watch the first Disney venture into Tink’s past. And you know what? I liked it, surprisingly. No, it’s not phenomenal. It’s your standard fare, but it did have a great charm to it. Plus it did not have any inconsistencies with Disney’s own Pan or even Barrie. But it’s not like I enjoyed it so much that I need to continue watching this series. Especially when this is just another adventure, not something as important as Tink’s origins. (And if this one winds up with a contradiction, it's just the general par for the course. I'm not all that interested in Disney's Pan anyway.) It is already "famous," however, for giving Tinker Bell a new outfit (for Disney.) I neither like it nor dislike it.

I’ve also heard that a movie adaptation of Régis Loisel’s graphic novel(s) version of Peter Pan is in fact in production. It’s not necessarily a reliable source, so don’t quote me on it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about at all, see here. (In that post I already had thought it to have been done as a movie. But an Anonymous (not the now "famous" Anonymous, however!) commenter informed me that what I have posted seems to be just a promotional short. [Which is SO worth watching!])

I, of course, am most looking forward to Other Oceans, the next book from Andrea Jones.

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Moira Lewelyn said...

Ha, funny, I was in a bookshop in Paris buying a Spanish Vocab book for Uni, and I stumbled on a book called "Le Journal de Peter" (Peter's Journal)
It was a journal indeed, about Peter and the Lost Boys living in an orphanage in London, then getting somehow the the Neverland and Peter finding letters from his mother (actually, most of the journal is written beginning with "Dear Mother) and eventually hating and rejecting her.
The pictures were really nice, can't remember which hand Hook's hook was, but they did a play on word on Mr Smee, who in French is called "Monsieur Mouche" (Mr Fly, the insect not the verb) and he was a pirate constantly surrounded by flies, hence his nickname.

I was appealed at the lack of research from the authors, making up a very wrong play on words based on a translation and not on Smee's original name...

Anyway, I have not read Barry's version, but I have seen both Tinkerbell movies. The reason being that I simply loved the books from the Disney Faires series (Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg and Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand) except that in the films they cut out the most interesting Fairies (like Rani or Prilla) and made them extremely childish...

I think I did mention Loisiel's version earlier, I find it a little disturbing and far too "grown up". Definitely not something I would let my children read. By the way, there IS a film on the way:

Apparently, they are fist going to make a short film, to see if the whole project is doable. It looks cool, though I don't like French acting ^^