Friday, October 9, 2009

"The Story Generator"

Need a jolt of creativity?

Or just want to create a laugh?

David Malki has made a tongue-in-cheek Story Generator.
Pick what you want from each category and voila!

The Psychonaut: In an anachronistic Japan, a young flying message courier stumbles across a dream-inducing drug which spurs him into conflict with a charismatic politician on the rise with the help of a tomboyish female mechanic and her wacky pet culminating in wish-fulfillment solutions to real-world problems.

You, too, can concoct your own story. Either click on the picture for a larger (and readable view.) You can also click HERE for the actual page and see more of Mr. Malki's creations.

At the very least it's highly amusing to play the very most, it just might get your pen started.

Well played, David Malki. Thanks for sharing!

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