Friday, July 3, 2009

When It Comes to Loisel, I'm a Lost Boy...

I'd really like to see this film of the Peter Pan story.
It's an adaptation of the series of graphic novels by Régis Loisel.
I have not read his spin on the tale, as I have not yet been able to obtain a complete English translation. (Alas, it's true, I cannot read French.)

It's also true that it veers from Barrie's tale, giving a different backstory to Peter. It bothers me, but only slightly. Since it's not a work in prose meant to be a direct addition/installment of the story, but is rather a "retelling" with a different outlook and also appears in different media, I can in good faith look the other way. I'm quite curious what all he brought to it. From what I gather, Peter lives/lived in a Dickensian London and had abusive parents - hence met Tinker Bell and escaped to the Neverland. As you will see from the video, it also dares to bring us the all important confrontation that forever after defines the infamous pirate Captain.
Don't know about you, but I think this looks pretty wonderful.

If anyone can arrange the cards so that I can view this film with English subtitles, I will be most grateful.
I'll send you a signed Limited Edition copy of Peter Pan's NeverWorld.

Long live Pan!


Mel said...

Can you get it with French subtitles?

Peter said...

Not that I'm aware. I've hunted for it in general. It seems to be a promotional piece, as in having come with the full compendium of the graphic novel. It's not entirely clear to me, hence, Lost Boy. :)

Anonymous said...


I wish I could have seen more of that, but that's starting to look very much like the adaptation of Peter Pan that I've been hoping for but have yet to see!


Danielle Mari said...

Most excellent! I would guess that "AAAGH!!" translates roughly into, "AAAGH!"

Looks like a good one from just that little bit. I like the darkness... so very unlike the candy-fied Disney version.

(WOTD: scants)

Anonymous said...

Peter Pan says to Capt Hook: "Are you right-handed or left-handed?". Hook replies: "Right-handed. Why?" Peter's smile tells the rest of the story... It's actually an ad for the book series, not a trailer for a new film adaptation, although I have heard there are plans for adapting Loisel's graphic novels into a movie.