Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Scares Me...


Want to know what frightens me?

It's on the left there. And not this specific picture, no. (Although I don't particularly like looking it!) But these spooky characters in general. They just up my creep level beyond any hope of a comfort zone.

The only one that doesn't freak me out (yes, even the "cute" ones do - there's just something about a person 'created' in this fashion) is the one in The Wizard of OZ. No, I can't come up with a reason why he doesn't.

Oh sure, I've got other "fears" but we can save those for another time.

And let me take this opportunity to make a quick review:

Paranormal Activity - THIS movie is taking the country by storm?? REALLY?

I'd like to know two things.

1) How they accomplished some of those F/X so convincingly (didn't say scarily, just convincingly) on that budget.
2) How this is supposed to be the scariest movie of all time. Seriously?

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