Friday, October 2, 2009

It Does WHAT Now?

I thought about this WAY too long.
I hope YOU will, too.

Vacuum Cleaner

Okay, first, one of those is not a vacuum by general definition.
Second, it's quite amusing to think of having to clean out empty space.
Go figure.


Daisy Porter said...

Similarly, there's a billboard downtown here that says "Art Cleaners," and one on my old route home that advertises "Granite Counters."

dj (David Jones) said...


My apologies for this not being a true response to the commentary on the vacuum. I was wondering something. I have held interest in Peter Pan my entire life as well. i had considered writing about Neverland before, but I thought that the copyright was held by GOSH. Did you get permission from GOSH, or are the characters now out of copyright and in public domain?

Danielle Mari said...

I drive by a place called "Blind Gallery" on a daily basis. Cracks me up, even though I know it must be a gallery of mini-blinds and the like-- not a gallery for blind people nor a gallery OF blind people... just as you know that the device is a cleaner that uses vacuum power and not a cleaner of vacuums. Fun to laugh at the world.

Peter said...

Daisy - Oh, I have my art cleaned every week. And I'm thinking of the old "rotary" analog clocks but with spinning granite numerals.

dj - The rights surrounding Pan are complicated. Some areas allow it, others do not. Good luck to you in writing about the Neverland. My only hope is that you respect Barrie's original stories unlike the novel GOSH presented. And for the record, I do have a place for comments not related to the posts. (Click the little quill and ink drawing.)

Danielle - It actually brings to mind Museum. What with the "paintings" in it. :)