Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've Been Busy...

I'm well on the way to completion of my latest work, MC. Those are the title's intials only. I thought I'd be a tease. :) For anyone wondering, no, it does not have anything to do with Peter Pan. At least not in a direct sense. Oh sure, there's magic and a boy adventurer in the book, but then, I write Urban Fantasy. Archetypal elements such as those are bound to show up.

As I've mentioned before, this particular novel is extra heavy on the research required. It's been a blast. And a pain in the ass. All in all, though, I enjoy that aspect of the writing process. This time around I've learned a great deal about this wonderful world of ours. But there's still quite a stack of 'looking up' to do to finish.

I'd say I'm just over three-quarters done. And something surprises me. I've also mentioned a penchant for verbosity before. Well, Peter Pan's NeverWorld not included, MC will be my shortest novel to date. I'm surprised, for it seems it should be larger because it's taking so much time to write it. Yet I am pleased. It's good to know I'm not always excessive. Not that I had such a fear. But knowing that I am indeed able to relate a story in no more than it requires to be told is quite satisfying.

And I must say this book is quite satisfying. The rest left to be written will be a joy, especially since I just got you know what out of the way... oh, you don't know. But there are also some bits I don't know... and I can't wait to find out.
There are just as many notes, Majesty, neither more nor less, as are required.
- Mozart, Amadeus Peter Shaffer

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