Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random House Seeks Kids' Peter Pan Artwork!

I wish I could enter this one!

If you’ve got artistic youngsters at home aged 7 to 12 , you might want to have them break out the paper, supplies and turn on their thinking cap.

Random House wants a kid’s drawing to grace the cover of their latest printing of Peter Pan.

There’s plenty of time to enter, the contest started March 30th but runs through July 24, 2009. But don’t let your chance go out the window!

The link that will start you naviagting to more info is here.

Have fun!

* The picture used here is artwork by Jen Singh. I found it surfing one day and loved it. No, she's not a child of 7 through 12, but her style is appropriately child-like. (Meant as a high compliment.) Find out more about her here.

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