Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Myth Take?

I've gone off about remakes before, but here is yet another I want to comment on... don't worry, I'm not going to bend your ear - yet. I'll save that for when I actually see the film.

When I first heard they planned on a remake of Clash of the Titans, my usual question popped up: WHY? Okay, truthfully, I would like to see the miracles of current Hollywood take a stab at this mythological movie. But that's just it... why THIS one? I couldn't fathom remaking the same story over again just beefed up. As we all know, stories abound in mythology. There are stories and backstories within each, too. So why taint the first film by simply doing it again? Let's also not forget it's the last film Ray Harryhausen worked on and I've talked about how much I admire his work. So why tinker with a marvel? It has been pointed out to me that "name recognition" is part of the 'game' but then, it also seems like cheating. If you don't believe your myth movie will attract attention and stand on its own merit, then don't even try. You know?

Well, it's been a couple of years since I first heard of plans to remake the moive. A lot has happened - to change my mind.

First of all, someone must have heard me grumbling. For as of now, this Clash will not be a straight remake. It's not just the same story over again, as they are in fact using other bits of myth. Already the characters of Io, Hades and even Theseus have been cast. None of them were in the first film. And how cool to have Theseus (my favorite.) Perseus is the only hero seen in original. So...okay, two heroes? Buddy pic? Could be. No real story details have emerged. But with both heroes, other gods and characters... won't that be a lot to fit into a movie?

Which brings me to point two. As with many films these days, an epic fantasy franchise is expected to appear. They are reportedly already writing a set of movies, interwining the adventures of mythology. Sign me up!

Let's hope it takes a place on the shelf of the greats.

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