Monday, February 9, 2009

Ruh-Roh! (The Hidden 'Jetsons' Message?)

I started to wonder about the reason for the design of the buildings in The Jetsons. Yes, we all love them - those very cool super deluxe versions of Seattle’s Space Needle. However… are they actually something sinister?

My question is: why are they raised up so high on the spokes? Perhaps the Earth is so polluted and the air so tainted that they needed to rise high above it to escape it? Not such a fun cartoon now, is it? Over analyzing can be both a very good and very bad thing. But, to write and understand stories, it’s a necessary process.

By the way, they’re making a live-action feature eventually. It’s been in production hell for a good long while. I’m not opposed to it. But then, I’m not looking forward to it. I understand the appeal of “real-izing” all that fabulous technology. I just have one casting suggestion: Mr. Spacely. Let’s face it. It’s has to be Danny DeVito. Just put a moustache on him. Recall both his and Spacely's yelling. The slight rasp of their voices. (If not DeVito, I would accept Jason Alexander or Wallace Shawn. But am I not right? DeVito.)

What I really want to see, however, are the little rings around the sleeves, dresses and boots. I loved those as a kid. And since CGI will make them happen lickety-split...

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