Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Too Bad...

Ever had the experience where you think you’ve seen a movie and then you watch it again only to realize that you in fact did not see the film? Obviously I have.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad recently released on Blu-Ray. Bart decided he wanted it, so we loaded up the Blu-Ray player. Eventually it became clear that I had been mixing this one up with The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. Understandable. I hope.

What a treat, then, to see more of legendary Ray Harryhausen’s incredible “dynamation.” I rather enjoyed the story, too. Oh, it’s not anything terribly compelx or unexpected for a Sinbad adventure. But I did like the way certain elements tied together. In other words, they utilized what they had established rather than just fill it with crazy creatures and fantastical situations. Nice foreshadowing, good build up of wonderment and anitcipation. One part did bother me. When Sinbad finally takes the helm to navigate a perilous storm and screeching creatures by steering to safety through a narrow passage of rocks, the film fades out just as the action would occur. I felt entirely cheated. If not by missing the scene then at least the triumphant musical score that would have accompanied it. One thing also worth mentioning: The genie. I suppose I shall have to go against my initial words, as the genie is rather unexpected. I won’t spoil it for those who have not seen it. Otherwise, a fairly tight tale, full of mistrust, daring, clanging swords, magic and mystical mayhem.

As is my penchant, I now have the gumption to pursue the origins of the Sinbad story. Bart told me he’s part of 1001 Arabian Nights. And I’ve made a quick look at Wikipedia. It seems his story is actually "set," unlike the malleable Robin Hood or Baron Munchausen. One of these days, when I’ve got less to do, I’ll have to delve into the marvelous adventures of the famed sailor.

I believe a musical is in the works, as is another motion picture.
Maybe I’ll be prompted by those to sail into the legend...


Danielle Mari said...

I remember watching this as a kid... the skeletons gave me nightmares!

Peter said...

Ah, but the scene with many skeletons were in Jason & the Argonauts, another Ray Harryhausen classic. Just one fights Sinbad in this film.

So either your nightmares multiplied him, you (understandably) ran them together as I did or you typoed an S onto it.

As if it mattered.
they're all great fun.