Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Been Done Before...

Surely you have been a victim of this particular type of time vampire.

The questions may change:

Or the exact form may alter:

But it always boils down to the same thing:

Dole out trivia about yourself to others, adding a touch of wit to some of the replies.

Well, the truth is that it's not just a product of the 21st Century technology.
It reaches into history, over 100 years ago. (Or at least that far!)

Check out The Querist's Album from 1877...and who filled in the answers.

Yes, Barrie! (With quite the rejoinders!)

You won't be able to read it from the picture on the left.

You can find a direct link to it here:

The Queriest's Album

I knew of it from my studies, thanks to the archives of Andrew Birkin, the world's leading authority on Barrie and Pan. I obtained this image from his amazing site. I have a link posted on the left in the sidebar.

So the next time you find yourself filling out an inane fact generator, know that you're in good company, as they say...and hope that you can say something as thought provoking as Barrie's answer to

"At what age should a man marry?"

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