Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Opera Bound Again...

I’ll be continuing my opera education tonight. Bart and I have had Season tickets for many years now. And Bart informs me that I have seen a great amount of both famous (such as The Marriage of Figaro, Madame Butterfly, Die Fledermaus) and rare opera (such as Regina, Midsummer Marriage, Manon) in that time. I’ve seen a few of them more than once now. But each time is, of course, different performers and sometimes different stagings, so it works out to be a new experience.

Tonight is Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. It’s a new one for me, and Bart says it has gorgeous duets. I’m certainly familiar with Wagner’s other works. His Siegfried (a 5 hour opera!) is my favorite. Siegfried is part of the Ring Cycle, a series of four operas relating the tale amidst Norse mythology. It involves a magic ring, invisibility, a dragon, dwarven humanoids, wizardly wanderers - sound a bit familiar? That’s because Tolkien had been a bit more than influenced by the Der Ring des Nibelungen saga. (And yes, Bart and I attended not just Siegfried, but the entire Ring Cycle at Lyric Opera.)

I’m familiar with Tristan and Isolde. It’s a tale from long yesteryear, as in the 12th Century. Studied it in college. But not this particular version. The story is one that many have told, adding their own touches. Most recently, Hollywood produced a movie in 2006, a variation written by Dean Georgaris, though I have not seen it.

But tonight I will be seeing the amazing Deborah Voigt in the role of Isolde, naturally.
So we certainly will be treated to a fabulous night of romance.

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