Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look What Jackson Has...

Well, Michael Jackson's auction of items is either about to go on, is going on or has already concluded. I'm not really sure...and don't have the gumption to check, as I am not so much interested. Then why am I mentioning it? Because of the photo on the left. Normally it seems his liking of Peter Pan dwells on the Disney version (as the Neverland Ranch is littered with large figurines of the animated Pan and such.) But he apparently also has a first printing from 1911! Wow!

I'm not going to open the can of worms about Michael Jackson. Suffice to say I appreciate a good portion of his material and try to ignore just as much of it. But I will say that I never understood the idea of a "Ranch" of the Neverland. It's an island, sir. Yes, I do see how it's a "fantasy escape" locale, a private place of wonderment. But just doesn't fly with me. (Deal with the pun.)

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