Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Note: Notes to Note!

Another great reader/fan sent along something to my attention.
My Heart in Company: The Work of J.M. Barrie & the Birth of Peter Pan
by Timothy G. Young

I ordered it just about right away.  How does a compilation of Barrie's notes sound?  Top drawer?  Yeah, for me too.  I wonder how many and which ones I'll remember... as in what and which will coincide with the notes I'd had at my disposal back in college when I composed Peter Pan's NeverWorld from his very musings.  I'll surely let you know once the book comes my way.  Here's a link.

As a bonus, this reader/fan (who generally goes by Z or ZZ) has a site up.  A rather nice one, in fact.  Yes, you guessed it.  It deals with the infamous eternal boy.  Please do have a gander.  I especially like what she's written about Peter Pan on the home page.  I just had more of a chance to poke around a little more... there are some essays that are intriguing.  Must get to them - if only I didn't have to go out in a little while.  Knowing me, I'll have a lot of 2 cents to throw in... Anyway, there's a good list (with pics) of Peter Pan books, both story and Barrie-biography related, like the book she sent my way.  I also really love the depiction of Pan on it, too.  Heavily influenced by Fox's Pan, but then, she's got a whole section about that terrific cartoon series.   And if you can bet I'm a fan of a little cape for him!

So please, click on over. Oh - and thanks, ZZ, for the site, the book and having links to me!

P.S. - Buttercup hasn't shown up quite yet, so I had a chance to look through the essays.  Good thoughts all around.  I do have some differences of opinion, but that's all they are, for as ZZ points out, much of the world of Pan is speculative.  I do have some answers to the queries posed - addressed in the seemingly-ever-upcoming (but will be worth it!) interquel of mine Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.  Not that I have the definitive truths, but rest assured they're tinkered into the 'world' with utmost care.  But enough about me... go visit Fandomzz and get ZZ's thoughts too!


ZZOzturk said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much for this spectacular mention!

I am very happy you found my essays engaging. Can't wait to read your thoughts in the new novel!

Erik said...

I agree - it's a great site, and look fun and informative. However ... if I may nit-pick, Peter & Wendy was published in 1911, not 1914. And misspelling Andrew Birkin's name? or Tiger Lily's? Tsk tsk. But I don't want to sound too harsh - I look forward to seeing it being built up though - perhaps with a comments page? (hence the reason I'm commenting here.)

ZZOzturk said...

Fixed the mistakes. Thanks so much :)

ThatOneOstrich said...

Just ordered it! I am SO excited! Thanks for spreading the word about this wonderful tome! I can't wait for it to get here~

- Jesse R.