Monday, January 9, 2012

Pan "Returns" - of sorts

A while back I reported on Disney’s latest venture in their version of Barrie’s magical island, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It’s still the same [standard children's fare, a la Dora the Explorer set just off the famous island though], but here’s something new on it. Peter Pan will be making his first appearance. Up until now he’s only ever spoken of, but apparently they’ve seen fit to have him visit the lil’ adventurers.

Not surprisingly, Pan lost his shadow again and they need to help him look for it. Really? Couldn’t they have come up with something - anything - else? No, we’ve got to perpetuate the living shadow idea... sigh. Well, at least they’re consistent within themselves, eh? I hope the return of Pan is as exciting as it should be for those who enjoy the program.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Peter Pan Returns
airs on February 20th.

For those of you wondering about whether or not I decided to keep my character named Jake in Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between despite the usage of this preschooler show -- Anyone who might actually read my novel will figure out that the Disney Jake is not affiliated with my Jake whatsoever given the events of the story. Jake is my favorite name and I really wanted the character to have a “J” name. No other seemed to suit him. (Why “J”? It happens to be my favorite letter as well, but the real reason comes from examination of the rest of his moniker.) Besides, it will only serve to further establish the two [Barrie/Disney] as separate when they realize the two cannot be related.

Thanks to Josiecat for bringing this one to my attention!

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