Thursday, February 2, 2012

PANtastic Fans

Every so often I take a gander at what's being said on the "Forums" over on IMDb for both P.J. Hogan's and Disney's Peter Pan.

I'm posting this one:

It's nice to see that there are discriminating fans out there.  That's my issue with Disney's, too.  (Well, one of many...)  Disney perpetuates an illusion that the Neverland is nothing but carefree fun and that Pan is [as stated] happy-go-lucky and cutesy all the time.  Yes, I already did know there are (and have heard from) fans who care... but it sure helps to know there are more!  Thanks, norman891!

And for the record, there is a touch of Barrie's Pan in Disney's.  He can still be a total jerk.  Case in point, though it's not Barrie dialogue -

Wendy:  Wendy Moira Angela Darling
Peter (flipplatly): Wendy's enough...

But still, they do project a much squeakier clean version.


Anon said...

Actually that line isn't even in keeping with Barrie's Pan. Sure, Barrie's Pan could be a jerk but he was always RESPECTFUL to Wendy. The Peter Pan I know would NEVER say "Wendy's enough".

The closest he ever got to being rude to Wendy was when he said "You did a little". But I think Hogan got that wrong, too, both "Oh, the cleverness of me!" and "You did a little." I see Pan as not DELIBERATELY cocky, he just knows of no other way to be. I see him as saying "Oh, the CLEVERNESS of me!" rather than emphasize "ME" as if there were some doubt to be dispelled. Likewise I don't see him as saying a grudging "You did a LITTLE", but more like "You did a little" as in "You helped too! Aren't I gracious, recognizing your small contribution?"

Peter Von Brown said...

As usual, you have a good point. Pan wouldn't be directly rude to Wendy like that. Forgive me, it's the only example from Disney (it's not as if I watch it often!) that came to mind that in any way shows Pan's tendency to be devilish. My point had been that at least they tried to make him a little nasty/uncaring (albeit unintentionally/naturally.)

As for the other actual lines, they're up for interpretation, I suppose. I don't necessarily agree with you, but I don't refute what you say either. I see it more as self-praise than relishing in the cleverness. And taken in whatever capacity, he's still belittling (sorry to use the same word!) Wendy's accomplishment with that line. Although, they both fall under the same umbrella anyway. Either way either one is sliced, Pan's thinking of himself as wonderful - and that's what matters. :)

ZZOzturk said...

While reading these comments a thought came to mind. Being absorbed with your own concerns is more or less seen as a childlike trait (to some degree of course) while being arrogant isn't necessarily so.

Also if the line "you did a little" is read in a begrudging way, then we can make the argument that Pan doesn't want to acknowledge Wendy's help but feels obliged to do so - thus exhibiting some tiny degree of maturity. (Which is in keeping with his unbarring the window at the end.)

It's difficult to say one way or the other because I can't fathom how a 1900's British audience would read that.