Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Again, folks.
Again with Jeopardy! and Barrie/Pan.
This is from a WHILE back now.  As I've mentioned, I have catching up to do on this game show... and then I pulled a Pan and forgot I'd snapped photos of it to post.  Silly me.

When this category appeared,
I said to Buttercup (who often watches/plays along with me)
Oh, look.  Another chance for Barrie to come up.

I then lifted my arms in triumph when this 'answer' appeared.

The question/response, of course, is:  Who is J.M. Barrie?


I have a nitpick, though.  Actually, Finding Neverland is not a biopic.  At least not by my definition.  If it were a true biopic, it wouldn't contain egregious liberties with real life events.  Though it's a marvelous and beautiful movie and much of it is true, Finding Neverland is not accurate.  It's more like a "fantasia on" the occurrences that created Peter Pan (and certainly not all of them, a la David and the skating accident for one.)  Since Jeopardy! folks are sticklers for absolute correctness, you'd think they would have caught their own mistake here... or else I'm just uber-fussy when it comes to the term "biopic."

As for Barrie showing up again, I am glad of it.

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