Friday, January 6, 2012

Timeliness is Next to...?

Peter came next spring cleaning; and the strange thing was that he never knew he had missed a year.

My my my... It appears that in addition to all the other ways I am akin to Peter Pan, I can chalk up the above quote to the list. Time just slips away from me! Sure, this has always been true... but it seems ever so much more prevalent than before!

I’ve been away for the Holidays, playing a truly immersive video game with my friend Gil, working on revisions to my interquel novel Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between, catching up on Jeopardy!, hanging with friends, checking up on the Annotated Peter and Wendy, seeing theatre as well as helping construct the set for Vitalist Theatre’s newest production The Ghost Is Here... all of which cause me to look up and say: WHAT?? It’s the 6th of January ALREADY? [Happy Topsy-Turvy Day everyone!]

It’s not just a cliché, people. Time DOES go faster as one gets (ahem!) older. Morgan Freeman says so! By that I mean on the great & often mind-blowing series Through the Wormhole. ‘Science’ has ‘proven’ that Time does speed up according to age and is even affected by gravity! What the --??

So AGAIN, folks, I apologize for letting so much time go by between posts! WHERE is it going? *Sigh* - it’s bittersweet that my life now incorporates the ‘messy’ Time of the Neverland/World on regular basis.

Thus, I’ll just accept the fact that my near-daily posts of days past are no longer a reality, and I hope you can as well. Besides, do you really need me ranting (positively or negatively) at you so much anyway? Perhaps selective or truly inspired posting will result in more poignancy.

That said...

for those of you waiting on the interquel - other folks have perused it. Still needs tweaking - and no, not in the sense of story. That much is set down. It’s the darned missing words, etc. that get too often glossed over, especially when one knows what it’s supposed to say... And I certainly wouldn’t want to deliver a book with such errors in it. Haven’t been many, no. But one or four are too much. And I reiterate that such glitches can easily be glossed over.  Hence, more will have to lay their eyes on it.  It WILL come, and it will be (boasting like Pan here) wonderful when it does.

So... whatEVER will be the next post? The ever-slipping annals of Time will tell.

Let me ask (in the interest of a new angle)... is there anything anyone WISHES me to post about?


Lewelyn said...

Happy New Year!

I managed to see the 1924 Peter Pan silent film the other day, and I have to say I was quite shocked when I realised they had taken out all the British references and replaced them with American ones ("American gentleman" and "the stars and stripes" instead of the King, the National Anthem)

Have you posted about that already? If not may I have your thoughts on the subject? Did Barrie authorise such changes, or were they added in later broadcasts or something?

Anon said...

Welcome back! ^_^

Sorry you're having a little trouble with the interquel, but at least the story itself is set! XD

(And nice reference to the Festival of Fools!)

I guess, other than the interquel, which you've already mentioned, what about other book ideas?

As for the American references, I think that was in the American performances of the original play.

Danielle Mari said...

"Time DOES go faster as one gets (ahem!) older. Morgan Freeman says so!" FYI, I did an actual spit take at this, for some reason.

WOTD: nescelly

For real? Not nescelly.

Peter Von Brown said...

Lewelyn -

I mention it briefly in this
I'll re-look into Barrie's thoughts/involvement on this change, but on the whole he didn't seem too fond of the silent film. And yes, Anon is correct. The Broadway version of Peter Pan changed it all to "American references" as well. My thoughts in a nutshell: How about: "NO." ;)

Anon -

Other book ideas? As in related to the 'world' of Peter Pan? Do you really think I'll give them away? Well, suffice to say that many characters will be returning... another will be dead in the next book which is about Shadows (since people can't seem to get around this concept, I thought I'd do my own take on it). Amy will grow up and her family moves but she wants to squeeze in one last trip to the planet before she's "too old" - any more and I'll spoil it for you. If you mean books that come after the interquel to further connect the gap to Peter and Wendy, I have no plans for any more to be stuffed in there - but that doesn't mean it will never happen. {Not a 'hint' - No means No at this point, really.}

Anon said...

Actually I meant any books period, Peter Pan or otherwise, but thanks for the teasers! XD

And while I don't say be closed-minded with regard to more interquels, no, I agree with you, B-&-B feels like enough to me. It feels like a completion of what Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens started, and going further with it could easily be anti-climactic, or whatever the term is--you understand what I'm trying to say, right?

Peter Von Brown said...

Exactly... there is certainly more to tell in the "gap" but it doesn't make sense to do so until/unless a truly compelling story arises. Unlike B-a-B there isn't a need for one.

As for other books? Well, I heard from Thom doing laundry the other day regarding Book 3 of his series. I also have my 'ghost' story that almost seems to be as elusive as a spirit even though I've got a good handle on it. Seems it's a matter of finding the right way to present the material. There's also other books on the backburner, such as Then Give a Trick Answer and They Never Left. Oh - and then Buttercup and I came up with a rather intriguing ploy about what dogs are really doing when you walk them... ;)

I've got other snippets here and there... but it's most likely I'll see if Thom is vocal again.