Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lil' Neverland

Back in January, I posted about a new friend I met online who lives in Kirriemuir, Barrie's birthplace.

As I am "friends" on Facebook with her, I saw these pictures she posted this past week.  She gave me permission to re-post them here.  It's a playground right beside the cemetery where you'll find the final resting place of Barrie (pictures of which are here, as granted by someone else.) 

It's nice to think there's a place for the kids (and kids at heart) to run around in with a theme of the Neverland to help spark their imaginations.  I bet Barrie would have approved.

Enjoy!  You can click on them to make them larger!

Thanks very much, "Mrs. Kirriemuir"!
*P.S. - Is Hook's iron claw on the wrong hand or am I just not viewing it correctly?  'Tis a pity if 'tis.


Anon said...

'Tis a pity, then, for 'tlooks to be on the left.

Anonymous said...

Thats such a shame.I have looked at the original picture i took and i appears to be on the left.