Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who is the Pan Fan, Alex?

Although this one is much more understandable since it came during Jeopardy! Kids Week, my my my but if Peter Pan didn't show up as a clue on the famous and beloved quiz show yet again!

It came in a category of 'Quotations in Literature' and held the top box of $200.

Yes, a child catching up to the lead delivered the correct question.

I also need to point out that when they came back to the category, Treasure Island came up at $600.  An "answer" about the link between the two books would have made my day. 

Perhaps Jeopardy! uses Peter Pan and Barrie so often because they're just so well permeated in culture across both sides of the pond at the very least.  Makes good trivia material.

Still, it's uncanny.

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