Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Idiot, Idiom.

Well, as the saying goes, I have egg on my face.

Math is not my forte.  Never has been.  So I've a little correction to yesterday's post.  A little too pleased, I suppose, that there'd be more pictures, I stupidly added the 3 in that chapter to the total.  Really I should have just added 2.  For there'd already been 1 expected for that section... hence, it's not 17, but 16.  Sorry about that.  More on "math" here.

Egg on your face - what on earth?  What's the origin of thais idiom?  To the internet!

This idiom has two possible origins both coming from the 1950s. It may have come from a sloppy eater who had a lot of food on his or her face and was embarrassed by it. It also may have come from audiences throwing raw eggs at a performer on the stage that they didn't like. The performer would get very embarrassed.   Quoted from this site.

Just this past week, Bart's Dad and I wondered about the expression "Frog in my throat" when he said it after clearing his.  He looked it up later that day and sent me the answer.  This one, folks, is quite strange.  Apparently one answer to how it began is the 'ancient' medical practice of putting a frog in a patient's mouth as the secretions of the frog were thought to cure a sore throat.

Weird little world we live in...

...sorry about the math mistake.  16.

As of now, there are 16 illustrations in Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.

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