Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Simple Thing...

Yesterday I began the day by finishing up the latest illustration for Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.  Quite pleased with it!  Turned out better than I imagined.  Then I met up with Buttercup.  We headed to one of my favorite haunts, the Dixie Kitchen in Evanston, Illinois.  Fortunately we'd been able to order off the brunch menu.  Any time that I am able to catch their brunch, there is but one choice for me...Eggs Sardou.  Imagine Eggs Florentine but with the addition of fried green tomatoes, artichokes in the Hollandaise sauce atop cornbread versions of English  Muffins.  Not to be missed!  Buttercup's first brunch at the Dixie Kitchen.  She's a fan.

Afterward, we saw Winnie-the-Pooh.  Buttercup had not yet seen it.  She loved it, but of course.  And I'm happy to report it loses none of its magic the second viewing.

Buttercup wanted to get coffee, and at first we thought of going to Metropolis coffee house in our neck of the woods...but then I remembered we wouldn't have to go that far.  I used my smartphone to lead us (literally, with a moving dot on a map as we walked) to Kafein, a snazzy little coffee house in Evanston.

I had the White Chocolate Mocha, but that's not really important.

What you are about to see (and read) is 100% true, I swear in the name of the creator of the eternal boy of the Neverland.  On the tables, Kafein has 'Trivial Pursuit' cards.  Thought I: Wouldn't it be cool [to quote my nephew] if the first card I picked had a question about Peter Pan or Barrie?  I present to you the first card I picked out:

None shall ever convince me that Great Spirit doesn't pull a few strings in theory.

P.S. - It might be 17 pictures after all.  ;) 


Anon said...

Awww, they GOOFED! That's the PLAY, not the book--the book is "Peter and Wendy"!

Peter Von Brown said...

That crossed my mind, too. I figured I'd let it slide. There's nothing REALLY saying it can't also be listed along with the book, too. But yes, it is a technical error.