Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plundering Pan Again

Perhaps you've already come across this preview - but somehow I'm just discovering it now.

I "reported" on this upcoming TV show back in March 2010 and now we have something to actually show for it.

First let me say that the animation quality is quite nice.  The camera angles, the way Peter flits about et cetera are quite pleasing.  But on the whole, I just can't accept it.  Sorry to everyone involved.

They're supposed to be fighting Captain Hook again.  Strike.
They've absolutely re-created the Darling children, beyond the idea of descendants.
They've a Wendy, Michael and John.  Strike.
Tinker Bell is still with him in this, the 21st Century.  Strike.
Oh.  That's three.

Maybe there IS a good explanation for any or all of the above.  But from this vantage point it just seems as if they're trying to regurgitate the elements of Barrie.  If we wanted all those characters, why not do what Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates did and base their new adventures around this passage in the novel:  There were, however, many adventures ... to describe them all would require a book as large as an English-Latin, Latin-English Dictionary...

I also frowned at the "second STAR" being shown.  That's one of the reworkings of Pan I wish we could relegate back to Disney alone.

I did sort of like the use of the statue in Kensington Gardens, though.  That's something I haven't decided on myself.  Within the world of Pan (see last post), IS there a statue erected to him?  If so, it would have to have a different history to it, wouldn't it?  I mean, it could not have been paid for and put up Barrie his creator as it had been in our own 'real' history.  If it's there in the Pan-universe it would also not be in honor of a great piece of literature, rather a great urban legend.  (I always wondered about the use of it in the Spielberg sequel movie, too.)

I just have a couple of other questions.  The Narrator in the video hints that the Neverland doesn't change.  Er, yes, they do.  He also says  fairies sparkle with gold dust.  Gold?  Okay, perhaps, but gold isn't one of the colors of fairies.  Peter heard the call of thimble again... what on earth?  Yeah, I get the thimble part.  But HEARING it?  I don't get it.  Have a gander for yourself.

Oh least it will likely cause more folk to seek out Barrie's original. 

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Lewelyn H said...

I found another video:
You can see the finished characters, Peter's outfit is made of leaves and Hook's hook is on the *right* hand! Also, the kids are Wendy's descendants indeed...
I'll look into it, thanks for posting about it!