Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pan Plans

Okay, well, my “add a little bit” to my interquel Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between has turned into a flat out re-read of the whole book. Three reasons.

First, it’s probably just a good idea to reacquaint myself with the “feel” of the whole novel. Partially because writing “as” Barrie isn’t something that just happens.  It’s definitely a mindset one has to get into before composing. And each attempt at the insert just doesn’t feel right.  Along the same lines, I want to make sure the new part fits snugly into the whole .

Second, it HAS been a while since I read it. So, inevitably, changes can be made. I’ve made a few dozen already. Minor tweaks to sentences, nothing structure or story-wise. Polishing is always a good idea.  And a venture that never ends...

Third, I’ll be discussing it soon with Andrea Jones. Yes, the author of Hook & Jill and I have set a date this March. Once more Andrea is whisking into the city and spending the weekend at my place. Besides hearing her thoughts and suggestions for my “missing piece” tale in the life of the eternal boy, we’ll be finishing up watching Andrew Birkin’s The Lost Boys. Andrea also wants to see another Peter Pan adaptation that I have - Neverland by Damion Dietz. (If you know anything about this version, you might think my purist nature would cause me to despise his modern take, but on the contrary, I’m quite fond of it. Perhaps I’ll post about it some day.) She’s also giving a talk later this year about the infamous Captain Hook and is curious what I might be able to add. Plus, Andrea will be taking another batch of Peter Pan's NeverWorld books with her. [Thanks, Andrea!]

And so, here I am, reading about Peter Pan as a little tyke again...  ...fortunately I still like what I'm reading!

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