Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Pooh! - Part 4

If you’re not already aware, Disney is coming out with a brand new Winnie-the-Pooh movie. Now, if you’re like me (and some of my friends, as I discovered) you’re wincing at the thought. For you might fear it to be another one of their recent (cough!) crappier Pooh movies and endeavors mentioned in 'Oh Pooh! - Part 3.' Well, I’m here to tell you - stop wincing!

At least it seems as if we don't have to pretend not to notice this one. Having seen the trailer for it, I am most excited. In fact, I felt like I’d been in red footie pajamas of my childhood as decribed in 'Oh Pooh! - Part 1.'

This new Pooh movie looks to be a sheer delight. The animation is wonderful. And the drawings? Well, they don’t look new. They have the same style as the original we all love so much. Little things made me happy... like the fact that often Pooh’s lines are not “clean” - in other words, it’s not just a thick line defining his tummy, but a few extra strokes to show his tousled fluff. The scenery seems as if they dusted off the old backgrounds used in the original. It does the bit with the words on the page. [The “other” movies might, too, I’m not sure, but it looks ‘right’ here.] Truth is, I laughed out loud during it. I said “Awwww” and melted into a youthful spirit.  It looks totally “Old School.”

What’s more, it has touches of the modern as well - such as a comforting and smooth pop song, computer assisted animation and a brand new story. But all of these appear to work.  Usually the songs put into movies pull me right out of them. Here, the song brings me peace and inserts me right into the Hundred Acre Wood. One thing Disney certainly does well is the hybrid of computer and hand-drawn animation. They’ve proved time and again since as far back as the 80's that they know how to make it seamless and beautiful. Oh! The honey! No really, seeing Pooh with magical glistening honey is like being a kid and an adult at the same time.

All in all, it makes me want to applaud. I cannot wait to see it. And I found that I’m not alone. Bart, too, has “Awwww”ed and laughed. Josiecat came over this past Windsday (er, Wednesday [another great change that Disney made to Milne, which in fact, I wish HAD been part of the original]) and she mentioned she loved Pooh. That’s all I needed to hear. She, too, grimaced and wanted to protest another Pooh movie. Then I showed her the gloriousness. Yep. She “Awww”ed and laughed and smiled and can’t wait to see it. In fact, when she came over the next night (for the usual Thursday night get-together at my and Bart’s place) she requested we watch it again. Buttercup, as you probably already guessed had a round of “NooOOoo00ooo0!” at the idea of yet another lousy Pooh.  Josiecat allayed her fear and told her “Just watch.” It turns out Buttercup “Awwww”ed bigger than any of us and laughed quite hard. Josiecat also brought her friend Filmer along last night. Filmer, too, became a kid again watching.

Yes, folks, this new Pooh looks like it has potential. It definitely does not appear to be “cranked out.” It gives the impression that a lot of extra time (beyond normal intensive labor required even for ‘run of the mill’ animation) and love went into this motion picture. It’s like it had been done by those who all wore red footie pajamas, glued to the TV when The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh graced the screen.

Enjoy your trip back into the Hundred Acre Wood.

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Anon said...

I couldn't agree more! ^_^ Except a couple of things:

First, I don't know exactly how everything's going to play out in the movie itself--some of it looked a little weird in the trailer but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

One thing I know I DON'T like is Christopher Robin's eyes. Why change them?

But one thing I LOVED was the "issue" a reward joke--STRAIGHT from Milne! XD

(And I agree with you about Winds-day.)