Monday, February 28, 2011

You Gotta Go to THIS Grotto!

Want to read a fascinating, insightful, in-depth and spot on exploration of the relevant and salient themes of Barrie's eternal boy tale?  Yep, I would, too... and I have.  Blogger Samantha-Ellen of Book Grotto - YA & Children's Books has done just that.  And she's been kind enough to allow a reposting/link to her article.  She has great respect for the story and Barrie's work... as evidenced by including the word "the" before "Neverlands."  Do yourself a favor and take a gander at her thoughts on Peter Pan!

I went and bought a copy of Peter Pan the other week, because despite it being just about my favourite book ever, I actually did not own a proper copy. And by proper, I mean the actual text by Barrie, and not some re-imagined or rehashed or condensed version, because despite the pretty pictures, these versions just can’t come close to the real thing.

Why do I love this book? What is it about Peter and Hook and Tink and the Neverlands that makes me feel so awed and anguished all at once? Sure, I think Barrie... READ THE REST!

Thanks again, Samantha-Ellen!
I do so enjoy your stirrings and enthusiasm about Sir J.M. Barrie's masterpiece. 

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