Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is the Neverland a Toll Call?

Behold AT&T's new ad campaign:
Oh my.  I'll admit to a certain degree of feeling wounded.  If there really were?  My goodness, let's not specifically try to negate it, okay?  Just playing around, but there is truth to it.

Anyway, it's kind of a cute campaign.  It doesn't just feature Peter Pan's island but other "fictional" places as well, as you can see in the other pic.   I first came upon it on the side of an El train plastered with the horizontal version of this ad.

I have to wonder two things though. 

1) THAT's their perception of the Neverland?

2) It's a bit counterproductive in what it's saying.  Let's see... if, then.  IF there were a mythical place [sigh], THEN AT&T covers you.  But there's [allegedly :) ] not, so... AT&T does not have you covered.  Hmmm.

Well, no matter how well or not this campaign does, I'm sure glad it's opening up people's minds back to these vital fantasy places, if even for a moment.

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Anon said...

Oh brother!

This is making me think of something Dick Van Dyke said:

"AT&T is just like underwear. You can rely on it, but you don't want to SHOW it to anybody."