Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Ever-Jelly

Is Peter Pan staying young by an absolute choice really so far fetched?
Mother Nature has shown it's possible!

Meet the Turritopsi nutricula, a jellyfish living with its own fountain of youth. This sea creature has the ability to regenerate its cells so as to become young again, literally. A kind of reboot of the life cycle, over and over again. You can read more about them here.

The part that's a little scary? They're mulitplying... and they're immortal.

Anyone who says magic doesn't exist and Nature doesn't strike back, think again.


Perfect Penguin said...

I have been preparing for the forth-coming jellyfish war for many years. Though it seems they can't be killed, I'm betting that tearing through that red, inner part, will cause their regenerative system malfunction. Aim for the red! Drazzah Retaw!

Anon said...

I looked it up, and it's actually "Turritopsis nutricula."

That is scary, though.... And it appears to be our fault they're multiplying so much.... O_O Ballast water being discharged by ships in ports....

Even if it doesn't die of old age, though, I imagine it can be killed....

Danielle Mari said...

I'm guessing that covering it in oil will put a stop to it. THAT must be why BP let the disaster in the Gulf happen.

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