Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Agree with Jake Morgendorffer

Just a quick gripe.

There's a movie of the comic panel Marmaduke coming out.
I've read Marmaduke in the paper, but only because it had been on the page. I never once laughed at it. Perhaps if I'd grown up with an oversized dog I could have related. So it stands to reason I won't see the movie. (I don't see "dog movies" anyway.)

But here's the gripe: Marmaduke talks in the film. Marmaduke does NOT talk in the comic. Maybe that changed, I don't know. I haven't read it in probably 20 years. So, assuming that the past panels still hold true, even if I had been a Marmaduke fan I would not see the movie based on the talking factor alone.

Bart recently got the complete series of Daria on DVD. Watching one the other day had a line that made me laugh out loud. Daria's father, Jake Morgendorffer, is reading the paper and says, They should just put Marmaduke to sleep.


JAQ said...

This "Marmaduke" movie is just an attempt to use a known "brand" to get people to see a stoopid movie that has nothing to do with the source material. They probably told the screenwriter "It's about a great dane named Marmaduke; see what you can do with that."

Peter Von Brown said...


Mel said...

Why didn't they just make a Clifford movie? Oh, wait . . . Clifford doesn't talk either. (Somehow it seems appropriate that my verification word is "catingi." I imagine it's an exclamation ala "bazinga" on Big Bang Theory.)