Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holly Will They or Won't They?

Some more rumblings in Hollywood to cheer or jeer.

First, the jeer. A little while back, I mentioned the remake of Fright Night. A summary: It's a bad idea... unless you use the twist they had decided upon. Well, twist again. Chris Sarandon will not be involved with the movie. If the reason for doing the remake requires his presence to work, then, yes, the spark of fun in it has gone. At least for me. It's now to be set in Las Vegas with 'Charlie Brewster' going to a 'Criss Angel' type figure to help. I suppose it could be good. But I'm just not psyched anymore without the "metaphysical" approach.

On the cheer side, a director has been set for OZ - The Great and Powerful. That's the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as the man from Omaha who would be a Wizard - i.e. a prequel to The Wonderful Wizard of OZ. See this post for more info. Sam Raimi has found a place in this balloon. He's a great choice. I enjoyed the hell out of the first Spider-Man movie (yes, I did have some issues, but they're minor) and although I didn't care for the story in the least for the rest of Spidey, Raimi did a great job staging imagery on screen. He's just the grounded fantasy we need for a movie like OZ. Up, up and away.

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