Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well Beyond the Between Stage...

Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between is still progressing nicely. I’ve just finished Chapter 11.  It always seems, though, that what with the characters adding more bits as I go, I’ll never reach the end. But I say that in jest. It’s not as if it’s stretching out too long or that the “new” stuff isn’t worthwhile. And there is an end in sight, especially since (as I reported last time) I’ve ‘outlined’ the rest of the book. That’s even more so true now since I’ve tinkered with what I did have in place. Nothing shifted. It just became tighter having listened to characters for the “missing” info and now there are more “bridges” between scenes. And I -have- deleted paragraph after paragraph of "placeholder" notes since those are now completed scenes. The wee hours of the morning always prove productive for me.

So, yes, it’s coming along rather well. In fact, I’m pleased that with each “re-evaluation” and each scene/chapter done, it shapes up to be an even better story. Let’s hope my ‘test readers’ think so, too.

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