Monday, May 3, 2010

Jeopardy! in Jeopardy of Wrongness Yet Again

Yet again, Peter Pan has shown up on Jeopardy! in the form of an answer.

They're not wrong this time... well, not entirely.

For I'm going to nitpick. And if you think it's wrong of me to nitpick this, consider that Jeopardy! itself often will nitpick. (e.g. a contestant adding an S where it should not be, or saying The Tree Grows in Brooklyn [as opposed to A Tree...])

The category had been "Disney Dogs" which, to me, implies that they are dogs by Disney. as opposed to dogs in Disney movies. Thus, all but two of the answers are mislabeld.

Correct repsonses (with, of course, "Who is...?" or "What is...?") in order were:
Pluto, 101 Dalmatians, Percy, Nana, Old Yeller.
Pluto - yes, a Disney dog. Pecry - yes, a Disney dog created for Pocahontas. The rest are all Disney adaptations.

Come on, Jeopardy!!

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