Monday, May 31, 2010

Title... Title 2

I'd just been browsing through Netflix. On the page (I did not select it) The Pink Panther 2 showed up.

Just a quick rant. The Pink Panther 2. Seriously? Not only is it an atrocity to have someone else besides the iconic and inimitable Peter Sellers play Inspector Clouseau on screen (regardless of the actor and/or talent in the role*), they have the gall to simply tack on a 2? The original (or, no, rather the real series of films) had fun titles: Return of the Pink Panther... Revenge of the Pink Panther... Not that I think they should have used one of those, but how about ANYTHING besides a lame 2? (Not to mention letting the series alone in the first place.)

Just the other day Josiecat told me she remembers a movie called Another Cinderella Story and complained at the lack of creativity and effort.

I do long for the days when sequential story titles were creative. Not that it doesn't happen now, but it's a rare flick that comes along that isn't just 2. Often they have subtitles. Which begs the question why it needs the 2.

Okay, rant over.

*Granted, Alan Arkin and Roger Moore also played Clouseau, But there's a stipulation for each. Arkin's version hadn't been in the "series" with Pink Panther in the title and didn't feature the same characters. Moore had a cameo with the character having undergone plastic surgery. Certainly these aren't part of the Pink Pantheon of Clouseau and no offense, but who remembers them? They're certainly not in the best-loved and cherished list.

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