Friday, May 21, 2010

JaPAN's Got the Neverland

I discovered this not so long ago.

Universal Studios theme park in Japan has an attraction/show based on Peter Pan.
It's called
Peter Pan's Neverland

I bet it's a lot of fun.
I can just imagine the splendor of the starry sky featured in Disney's ride of Pirates of the Caribbean in a setting of the Neverland with Pan flying all about. It's only 25 minutes long, so it's not like a re-do of the play. But that's just enough time for a grand battle with Hook.

What I find curious, though, is that if this image from the website is to be believed, it doesn't look anything like the Universal movie. (Universal Stuidos partnered with both Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios for the only film version of Peter Pan.) Perhaps I'm wrong, but aren't the attractions meant to "replicate" the movies on which they're based? It's possible that since it's a joint venture now appearing at just one studio they had to make changes. Or maybe this is just a promotional piece made before the fact, so to speak. (At least it the hook is on the correct hand and Pan's in leaves!)

Meanwhile, Peter Pan is still bringing me tidbits that I need to fill in that "adventure" he's gotten himself involved with...or, to be more accurate, stirs up himself. So hooray for that. It uses a few things from elsewhere in the Betwixt-and-Between story, too, and that's always good. I'll keep listening to him and writing it down...

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