Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Good Company...

What do
Stephen King
Anne Frank
William Faulkner
Margaret Mitchell

have in common?
(Besides being an author.)

Their work has been rejected numerous times, of course…
often with nasty remarks.

This is simultaneously disheartening, encouraging, hilarious and sad. Take a gander at what’s been said of many classics and/or their writers.

Rejections of 30 Famous Writers

I already knew such "atrocities" occurred often, but it's good to remember during the process of submitting my work (as I am now.)

1 comment:

Anon said...

Good grief, when I saw what this post was about, I feared you had been similarly rejected.... :(

But I assume you would have said so if you had, so...glad you haven't been! ^_^

(But yeah, even the greats started out being rejected--Dr. Seuss was another one....)