Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Should We Close the Window for This??

I just found out (and therefore do not have much information yet - but I didn't want to wait to report) that DQ Entertainment, among other projects including The Jungle Book, is soon releasing a a CGI Peter Pan series. It's apparently called The New Adventures of Peter Pan.

I'd be happier about it if it weren't for the fact that the description has the expression "New generation Wendy" (as it takes place in the 21st Century) and it also includes Captain Hook. The fairy's name is also misspelled (and she , too, should not be around like the Captain.)

Here's the blurb:
The new adventures of Peter Pan brings alive the Magical World of Neverland and 21st century London. Neverland is defined by imaginations running wild, the place to go for big adventures, and a place ruled by a boy who never grew up. New generation Wendy and her brothers and their loving dog Newfie are joining forces with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to face their long time foe captain hook and his pirates in a never-ending battle to save Neverland from unimaginable evils.
For the record, the site did not captialize Captain Hook in the blurb, not me.

There's supposed to be a video of it released soon. I'll keep you posted.

I wonder if they know that "DQ" will make people think of Dairy Queen.


I've found a billboard featuring the new set of shows from DQ. WHY does Peter Pan have (essentially) Disney's outfit? Click to make the picture bigger... not that it will make Pan that much larger, however.


Thanks to JAQ [Neverpedia] for finding the site's better image of their Peter Pan. He pointed it out in the comments. He also mentions how his outfit is actually leaves. Hooray for that, but it still seems Disneyesque to me.

It's almost horrifying to see the London Eye there.


JAQ said...

If you look on DQ Entertainment's web site, you can see a better image of Wendy and Peter. His costume isn't really a Disney rip-off... in fact, it's actually made of leaves!

Peter Von Brown said...

Thanks for the update. Those images had not been there when I put up the post.

It's still heavily based on Disney's, though. Perhaps they want a hybrid.

JAQ said...

To me this looks more like Bedford's Peter with leggings, than it looks like Disney's. (And costume designers have been putting Peter in leggings since 1904, so don't blame those on Walt.)

Peter Von Brown said...

To me it's a combo of the shape of the "tunic," the hair and face, the brown short boots and the feather. In other words, first glance brings Disney to mind... at least for me.