Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daring Another Darling...

This one just recently came across my desk, so to speak, but it's long gone.
There is, I suppose, hope for it to come back.

DARLING - a new musical derived from the Peter Pan story.
It had been semi-staged in January 2009 at Pace University as part of the Pace New Musicals Workshop.

It's not direct presentation of the story. The decription from the site is:

"Darling follows upper crust teenager Ursula Morgan in 1929 Boston as its society boils in the weeks before the Crash. Neglected by her excessive, self-absorbed parents, Ursula encounters Peter, a charming rent-boy of uncertain age, on the run from the Captain of Police who pursues him for a heinous crime he may or may not have committed. When she is offered the opportunity to run away with him, she takes it and finds herself swept into a seedy underground of jazz, sex and a mysterious white powder called Fairy Dust…"

Seems interesting. I've often thought of what Peter Pan might be like in a modern setting as a musical, since so far I'm not fully on board with "direct" musical adaptations.

The site says it had sold out performances. Kudos.

B. T. Ryback wrote the book and RSO created the music and lyrics, with Amy Rogers directing the show and Rob Meffe directing the music.


Jason A. Quest said...

Have you seen the movie "Neverland" by Damion Dietz? It's a similar concept: reinterpreting the story in modern LA, with Neverland being an amusement park where Peter leads a gang of homeless immature young men. Fairy dust is a drug in that one too. No musical numbers, but being filmed on a shoestring budget made it kind of stage-y.

Peter Von Brown said...

Indeed I have seen it, and I also own a copy. Truth be told, I thoroughly enjoyed it.