Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Discoveries

So I flip on the TV to watch something mindless while I sort through some old microsettes (gasp!) to see if I could locate something... but that's not really important.

I caught the last half hour of FX playing Peter Pan, Hogan's version. Of course, I come in right at the "Split my infinitives!" scene. Sigh. I kept it on though, and had a nice moment watching the fairies rise up from the trees having just re-read a similar passage from Barrie's screenplay. Anyway, I noted they removed the Lost Boys' introductions to Mrs. Darling and also Slightly's late entrance to be adopted by Aunt Millicent. Yes, I know films on TV are edited. I just found it interesting that it does, in fact, become expendable if need be. For although (knowing they should be there) I missed them, the flow of the overall story is not compromised.

I then changed the channel at the end and voila! A story idea outta nowhere. Well, to be fair, I suppose it's been brewing a long time and it just took a more coherent form. And, just having written it down (yes, just after that last sentence) I suppose it needs a little work. I'm not really sure if it would work best as a comedy or as a thriller. Perhaps it's a connection to a different novel (not Peter Pan releated) I know I'll eventually write. Time will tell.

Update: The new tidbit definitely doesn't connect with the other idea. The tone is entirely different in each piece. But they deal with the same subject matter - the so called paranormal.

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Anon said...

You ARE a tease--now you got me wanting to know about this new idea of yours.... :P And what book it might relate to....