Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pan Through the Looking Glass...

Gee, am I looking forward to THIS, or what?

Chicago's own Lookingglass Theatre Company will be re-staging
J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

Yes, a new adaptation by Amanda Dehnert, who will also direct.

There's not much to know about it yet, but here's a quote from

Artistic director-elect Andy White stated, "Our first show, Peter Pan, looks at life through the prism of childhood — with wonder and awe, yearning for flight, fear of pirates and fearsome crocodiles, and all the delight and terror that might accompany any child's dreams."

What intrigues me the most, however. is that the article says
from the books by J.M. Barrie.
Does this mean she'll be incorporating some of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens? I doubt it, actually, but nevertheless I'd like to see it happen. Assuming the inclusion is warranted. It again makes book plural later in the post (and also on Lookingglass Theatre's web page) though it's probably just an oversight:

"Nationally-known director Amanda Dehnert will direct her adaptation of Peter Pan, the classic tale from J.M. Barrie's books of the boy who wouldn't grow up. Bombastic, playful, and darkly comic, Dehnert's adaptation brings innovative theatricality, aerial arts, and a soulful understanding of yearning and regret to this legendary childhood adventure of pirates, fairies and fantasy. [Dehnert's] student production was developed at Northwestern University's Theatre and Interpretation Center in 2009 and resulted in a sold-out run on campus. For Lookingglass, she is creating a new adaptation that will feature Lookingglass Ensemble members."

Sounds promising, no?

It begins October 20, 2010.

I'll be looking into it further, and of course, attending. Perhaps I can go with Andrea Jones, author of Hook & Jill.

Read the whole article and more about Lookingglass Theatre's upcoming season here, or go to their site:
Lookingglass Theatre Website


Anon said...

Aww, another Peter Pan thing I can't go to see.... :(

Well, I hope you enjoy it if you do (and you KNOW you must tell all about it.... ;)! ^_^

JAQ said...

The plural books is probably someone thinking that it's always books. After all, that was the case with Alice, Mowgli, Oz, Pooh, Tolkien, Narnia, Harry Potter, Eragon, Twilight, Percy Jackson...

Peter Von Brown said...

Well, yes, that's what I meant by an oversight. :)

As I said, since their official website has it the same way, I'm lead to wonder. Though I'm inclined to agree it's what you said, I'm hoping for a hyrbid, assuming it's well done.