Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Tease of Another PAN

An anonymous commenter tipped me off to a few teaser trailers for the upcoming movie adaptation of the graphic novel series by Régis Loisel. They're teasers, indeed! It's a French film, and will be released in France. (Thus the trailers are also in French with no subtitles.)

For those who don't already know, Loisel created a new version of the Peter Pan story in "comic book" form. It's a new telling of it. By which I mean it's not meant as a direct adaptation of J.M. Barrie's tale. Loisel has provided a whole new backstory and seems to have added some to the adventure as it goes along. Many elements are the still the same from Barrie, of course, such as Peter cutting off Hook's hand - but here we get to see it happen.

If you're wondering, no, this "rewriting" of it does not really anger the purist in me. Since this is not supposed to BE Barrie's, or a prequel or sequel meant to be a direct continuation of it, it therefore does not have to adhere to the "laws" or "world" of Barrie. A re-telling is a fairy of another color.

So that one of these trailers makes sense to you, in Loisel's imagining of Pan, he runs away from a dysfunctional home.

The truth is I have not obtained nor even read Loisel's version. For it seems difficult enough to procure the whole set of them in French, let alone in English.

Enjoy... you'll find the
page with the trailers HERE (there are 3 of them, scroll down a little!)

I've another post about Loisel's Pan here.
(As you can read in the comments of the previous post, the video posted on the page is not a trailer for the movie as I had previously thought, but a promotional bit for the graphic novel series.)

THANKS, Anonymous Commenter!

A word (or 126) about that, though - I'd prefer people not be "anonymous." I understand not wanting to use one's real name. However, it allows for ANY moniker. It's a little disurbing (just a little) that someone wouldn't take advantage of that and be creative! And once you have one, why not stick to it? Some of you might already know I have a repeat commenter who prefers to remain Anonymous, but even this person eventually saw the confusion it could cause when I attributed an "Anonymous" to this person which had not in fact been one and the same. THAT Anonymous now goes by another name on here. So, please, give thyself a name... it's a golden opportunity wasted otherwise... not to mention boring.


Anonymous said...

Vols 1 (London) & 2 (Neverland) of Loisel's books were published in English By Tundra in the 90s. Copies can be found on Abebooks or Amazon - and sometimes eBay. Good luck.

Peter said...

Yes, I had been aware of that. But since there are 6 books, it would seem like even more of a tease. Thanks, though, ANONYMOUS.

Anon said...

Good grief! :o

Even if I hadn't started going by the moniker of "Anon" (which is Barrie-related, by the way) and was still posting as Anonymous before this point, I still would have had the courtesy to read the post and follow Peter's advice!

I considered not posting that, out of courtesy to this anonymous person, but how am I going to embarrass them when what they've posted is public anyway? Although, to be fair, you did provide some information and say "Good luck," so that's some good. No hard feelings, I hope.