Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check. Please?

I snapped this photo of the floor when Bart, Lage and I saw
The Princess and the Frog.

Taken in an AMC Theatre in downtown Chicago. (Since we also dined downtown, we did not go to our usual haunt.) I'll specify which theatre in a gross exaggeration: After the feast, I found myself a little ill and a lot annoyed.

But seriously, I did cringe exasperatingly. For right there on the floor, large as ever, a glaring misquote. "Play it again, Sam." In the classic gin joint story of Casablanca, Sam never hears that line for Rick never exactly utters it.

Jeepers! Shouldn't they check before it gets "set in stone?"

For the record, the comma is there. The snapshot cuts it off.

And even the great Jeopardy! slipped up the other day,
with this miswriting of Barrie's famous fairy name:
(Cross off one of the choices on that quiz question!)

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Anon said...

Personally I get bugged when supposedly smart people in TV shows who would be expected to know claim that the solstices are determined by how far away the earth is from the sun.... >.<

If that's the case, then why is it winter in the South when it's summer in the North, and vice versa?! It's nothing to do with how far the earth is from the sun, it's to do with which pole is tilted farther from the sun and which is tilted closer.

I don't so much mind when people who don't know better think things like that, but when they write "smart" people saying garbage like "Mesozoic mastodon" (spoken by Ross in friends--hello, no such thing! There were no large mammals in the Mesozoic and mastodons were far more recent!) it really irritates me. And worse is that he said that in a sentence in which he was CORRECTING bad science! >.<

I'm done ranting, sorry about that, but I REALLY hate that....